Leading vogue design, with large number of styles the choose from, this True Religion bootcut jeans! look so charming that we not have no idea don't bring it to home. And, cheap True Religion jeansis the big news to us to pick it to home.
Materials:94% cotton, 5% polyester, 1% spandex
Front rise:7 1/2"
Back rise:12 1/2"
Leg opening:17"
Accessory:zipper fly
Metal branded buttons and rivets
Machine wash cold
Made in the USA.

True Religion Womens Becky Big T - Dark Lovestruck Jeans are available in different kinds of shapes, sizes, styles, texture, and designs for you to choose from. These features make True Religion jeans extremely trendy and fashionable. So, each person will certainly find this kind of jeans that will meet her interests and bring maximum benefits. Finding the right pair of jeans will make you feel at ease as they go well with your body style.

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